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If you’re in pain, can’t move or use your body the way you want… and nothing you’ve tried has helped you, it’s time to consider trying something new!

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When your Muscle System isn’t working well, you’ll likely experience unwanted symptoms, pain, and problems when you move or try to stay in positions.  The Certified Muscle System Specialist at Elements of Motion work directly with your muscular system to address issues with aches, pains, and the lack of confidence you may experience when you move—and to help you enjoy your daily life with better quality and less discomfort. 

Most personal trainers and fitness “experts” subscribe to the latest health and fitness fads to inform them on how to train their clients, using methods that are unsustainable, potentially dangerous, and are anything but “personal”.   But not your CMSS™. 



Your CMSS™ practitioner is a critical thinker, using a rich knowledge base of science and physiology to inform their process every step of the way of your journey toward moving better and feeling better for life. 

Your CMSS™ are experienced practitioners with decades of expertise, confidently able to engage with fellow members of your healthcare team– your doctor, surgeon, and physical therapist– about your condition and your progress.  

Imagine having an educated, seasoned veteran in your corner, guiding you every step of the way toward your personal version of optimal quality of life.  Utilizing a highly specialized, unique exercise and wellness regimen built just for you, we will be an advocate for your long-term health and quality of life.


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